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Want to paint a team or expand your miniature football collection?  Here you can get all you need: Figures, Decals, Facemasks and Tweaked Bases! We offer high quality pre-cut Decals that will make your team look amazing. We offer Beenutt Figures that are the enhanced version of the FAB-5 poses with skin already painted and are perfectly balanced for competition!  We offer Painted Facemasks (modern and throwback) painted to the color of your choice (produced by Electric Gridiron)!  Last but not least, we offer Tweaked Bases guaranteed to make your team tournament ready!

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Small, pre-cut decal sheets designed to detail miniature football figures.
Beenutt Figures
The figures are highly detailed with enhanced definition and are made for hobby painters.
Painted Facemasks
Produced by Electric Gridiron, these facemasks are painted to the color of your choosing.
Tweaked Bases

Returning soon, these personalized ITZ bases are tailored to beat any competition.


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